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Real oenophiles are true collectors, dedicating entire rooms to storing and aging prized bottles of wine.
Claire from Camille Styles created this simple wine rack with a Forstner bit and a single plank of cedar. This inventive, contemporary rack was built by Lauren and Eric Wendlandt of Framework Design for their home in Kansas City, MO. This project from ReadyMade recycles cardboard mailing tubes into a DIY wine storage solution you can build into an existing piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf, sideboard, or hutch.

My friend Holly spied this wine rack side table at her friend Jimmy’s home and demanded a tutorial. Lastly, this wine rack echoes the shelf at the top of this post but flips it 90° (to save more space).
Built only from a simple scrap 2″ x 4″ and mounting hardware, it is certainly the least expensive of the bunch! Or after enjoying a glass of red or white at a restaurant, you might buy a few bottles of the same wine to keep around for special occasions in the future.

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