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The four contenders are the JML 1014i from Jet Tools, the Shop fox W1704, the Rikon 70-100 and the TCL10VS Commander from PSI. Also a good choice, this lathe from PSI has a great feature set, including a variable speed motor with a display, 24 position index head and worklight. Jet has a reputation for quality lathes and this one is no different, however you pay a price for the brand.
We’ll look at four lathes from different manufacturers and compare them in terms of size and weight, motor, features and price.

These are four of the most popular small wood lathes on the market and they’ve all got a lot going for them. Didn’t take the number one spot based on the smaller swing and slightly lower review scores than the Rikon. The shop fox comes in at almost half the price of the other tools on this list and has a great feature set for a cheap wood lathe. It also has a 12 positon index head and the Rikon brand name, which carries a good reputation.

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