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14.05.2014 admin
Depending on what you have and how soon you need them, I would be glad to work on your planes. Now the paint on the plane & frog is dry it's time to see what the time & effort of masking looks like.
I make sure that there is a washer in the top hole otherwise you will damage the knob nut bearing surface & the knob will always come lose on the plane. I'm so encouraged that I just got an old rabbet plane off e-bay and now I'm looking for a joiner plane to round off my collection.

I press down on the masking tape at the edge so I can see the outline of the plane underneath. The negative lead is attached to the plane & the positive lead is attached to a sacrificial piece of stainless steel.
The frog is lapped at the very edge of a bit of glass with sandpaper attached because the lateral adjustment wheel is proud of the plane iron bed. I might wait and try it out on another old plane I aquire along the way though just to be sure.

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