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Just apply a good coat or two of varnish and repeat the process when it tells you it is time for a fresh up.
You should stick with a marine polyurethane varnish; "spar varnishes" sold in hardware stores aren't likely to have much durability or UV protection.
Most of us will be brushing on the varnish by hand, however, so we should talk about brush selection.
Carnuba has great waterproofing ability and shine if frequently applied, but is difficult to remove prior to paint or varnish recoats.
80- or 120-grit paper will leave little swirl marks in the epoxy that will almost always be visible through the varnish, ruining or at best dulling the gloss of the varnish. I varnish kayaks upside down, the left hull bottom and right hull bottom first, and deck last. That was a bad photo, the water intrusion under the many coats of varnish is not as bad as it looks in the pix. Every floating speck of dust in your shop will fly into your wet varnish, as if on cue, so you will have to go on the offensive, purging dust from every surface, including your own clothes. Personally, I've always liked painted hulls with varnished decks, a tasteful approach that shows off both the wood texture and the hull shape. Maybe, like me, you've had paint or varnish shrink away from an epoxy coating like oil from water, making an almighty mess of your kayak.

This in turn builds up heat between boat and sander, softening the epoxy so that it fills the paper more quickly, and so on in infinite regression.
You'll spend more time sanding your wood-epoxy kayak than anything else during construction. On hard-chined boats, avoid the chines once you've 'glassed the boat, as the sander will quickly cut through the 'glass on these hard points. Remember, any wooden surfaces that are to be displayed under varnish must be sanded up to 220 grit prior to applying epoxy and fiberglass to eliminate the swirls caused by the sander.
The good foam brushes have wooden handles running all of the way into the foam head, without a plastic insert.
That's what it usually says on the varnish can, but these vague instructions hide a lot of methodical work. The vertical strokes get the varnish onto the boat, and the horizontal strokes even out the varnish.
Beginning at the bow, I apply the varnish with vertical strokes to an 18" patch (less if it's hot weather). To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Maybe the pics aren't showing us what's really there, but I'd start by stripping and laying on about 10 - 12 coats of a good spar varnish.

You can varnish over damaged coatings, but It'll always look yellow instead of showing the grain, and it's not really attached to the wood.
Wooden boats can be lighter and stiffer than other types, and with an entirely varnished hull you can show off how much prettier than plastic boats they are.
Varnish will show every wart and misstep in your carpentry work, so you'll have to be wary of blemishes from the moment you start. There's an urge to lift the pad and sand with the faster-spinning outer edge of the disk, but this will always result in a lumpy hull, often covered with unsightly half-moon shaped cuts that will glare at you through the varnish. These days you have to think like a chemist to get your polyurethane varnish to stick to your epoxied hull.
MAS resin, used with their "slow" hardener, will yield a hard, clear, blush-free surface that you can sand and varnish within 72 hours if you have a warm shop. Most brands of paint and varnish have a proprietary "solvent wash," which I seldom use because it is expensive and hard to find.

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