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31.01.2015 admin
These RC boat plans are meant for scratch building radio controlled boats mainly from balsa and with a minimum of tools required. This RC boat plan is the first of a series I've decided to develop primarily with beginners in mind. I'm currently in the process of writing build logs and instructions to help the novice and to clarify the intent of the plans.

To further lower the threshold to get into this amazing hobby I decided to lay the plan sheets out on regular office size paper.
It's always difficult to convey all little nuances on the plans alone, although a lot is there and if you've built some models before, you may not really need much help.
This should keep your printing cost to a minimum.As a result the plan set is laid out on seven sheets total in PDF format.

From my own experience and the feedback I've received, it seems to be a very easy and straight-forward way to build with good results.The seven-sheet plan set are available in a single zip file.

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