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Our handmade wooden rabbit hutches provide luxurious living space for your pet rabbit, handmade to RSPCA rabbit hutch standards.
We specialise in bespoke rabbit hutch designs – we can make any hutch to your own design with a run any length you want. Buy Handmade Wooden Rabbit Hutches in Confidence, with Garden Woodcraft.If you are looking for a new outdoor rabbit hutch, ferret hutch or guinea pig hutch, you will find the ideal solution in our online rabbit hutch shop. Many pet rabbit owners will have seen their rabbits for sale and obtained their new rabbit on impulse. Buy your rabbit hutch online and with confidence, with Garden Woodcraft, the trusted garden furniture specialist since 1985.
Pet Rabbit Hutch DesignsThe concept of this range of hutches is total flexibility with the ability to add additional component parts at any time.
Gable Roof DesignsThe Gable roof is one of the most unique choices we offer over other hutches on the market today. Weather ProofedThe hutch roofs are felt lined on the inside and covered with an attractive cladding which promotes a unique style whilst providing a robust and durable surface. The rabbit hutch roof is removable to avail easier access to the rabbit hutch for cleaning. The rabbit hutch run gives optimum room for your pet to stretch its legs and also a larger natural feeding area.

A sliding door that can be fitted into the base that shuts off the rabbit hutch from the ramp.
A shelter can be placed in the rabbit hutch run so as to provide a safe area for you pet to hide if it is startled. Unique in design, all our wooden rabbit hutches for sale are available in one, two or even three storeys, and all our hutches are built to last and withstand the elements. RSPCA hutch standards now insist that you should ideally be looking for a 5 ft rabbit hutch for a single rabbit or since rabbits hate being lonely, a 6 ft rabbit hutch might be best. We give you the flexibility of starting out with a manageable, cheap rabbit hutch with the peace of mind that you can soon upgrade to a luxury rabbit hutch village without necessarily having to sell your existing hutch. You are able to pick and mix the design of hutch that best suits your available space and pocket. When purchased together we adapt the rear of the rabbit hutch to accommodated a sliding door free of charge. There is an upper section to the rabbit hutch run behind the rabbit hutch which provides the extra bit of height. This provides a well sheltered space at one side of the rabbit hutch for your pet to bed down.
We also offer rabbit runs, which fit below the rabbit hutches in a range of sizes for your rabbit to stay healthy – which the rabbit can access from the rabbit hutch whenever he wants to get some fresh air and stretch his legs!

Looking after rabbits can become tedious but with a good starting point you will be able to establish an easy routine that works well for both the new bunny and you. It effectively sheds water, allows for good ventilation, and provides the most space within the hutch.
The hutch exterior is constructed from 13 mm cladding with a solid 18 mm ply door and a larger wire door to the front elevation. The rabbit hutch roof is removable as is the internal divider to avail easier access to the rabbit hutch for cleaning.
After a frustrating search for suitable rabbit housing, many pet owners still resort to using small, second-hand rabbit hutches as a temporary measure that often becomes permanent, or else attempt to make their own from rabbit hutch plans they found on the internet. For more information on caring for a pet rabbit, please read our pages on rabbit hutch placement and rabbit hutch maintenance.
This is a spacious rabbit hutch designed for a large pet or simply to give your pet a little more space.

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