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08.07.2015 admin
The DWST08225 (DS250 in Europe) is a 2-drawered ToughSystem case that looks slightly shorter than Dewalt’s large-sized ToughSystem tool box. The ToughSystem case is shipped with the top drawer loaded with organizer bins, but you’re free to use that drawer for loose tool storage. Unique to this model is the ability to access your tools and supplies without having to separate it from a stack. Reminder: Dewalt is also expanding their Tstak line, with an organizer case, deep-compartment case, and rolling dolly. I have also seen Dewalt 20V combo kits that come with a small Tough System case and matching insert, but never have I seen the inserts sold separately.

I’ve been considering these Dewalt cases to organize my tools, especially my sockets and wrenches, and really wish they made pick-n-pluck foam inserts for them as well. I prefer inspecting storage products in person as well, but sometimes there’s no choice but to just order a sample and give it a go.
The bottom drawer is slightly wider since it doesn’t give up space for the handles, and can be used for hand tools, small power tools, or anything else you want quick and easy access to. With a stack or full carrier of other ToughSystem cases, you can only open the lid of the topmost case.
The Dewalt’s Tstak tool boxes are lighter duty, smaller, and less expensive than ToughSystem boxes.

No, i’m not going to buy something like this online at first, storage can be very specific, with small margins between a successful product and one that just looks good.
Mind you i don’t keep my power tools in it but adding up the kit I do carry such as screwdrivers, chisels, pliers all ad up to some serious money. But ever since the smaller Tstak tool boxes were released I had wondered why there wasn’t a ToughSystem tool box with drawers.

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