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Fortune Street, developed by Square Enix, brings together the characters of both the Mario and Dragon Quest universes into one gaming experience. Fortune Street is not a game for everybody, and most people will likely find it too slow to really get into.
Several play options, paired with the numerous board and character choices, make for a nice package, though nothing exceptional. There are a few key differences that set Fortune Street apart from Rich Uncle Pennybags' board game and help make it an even deeper and more complex experience. Rather than an epic adventure (or sports collection), Fortune Street is a video board game in the same vein as Monopoly. Known in Japan as Itadaki Street, Fortune Street marks the first time this franchise (which has been around for more than two decades) will be released in the States.

The inclusion of a stock market also forces players to think about how they invest in these districts and in their own property.
Yet Fortune Street is actually quite fun if you're in the mood to sit down for a few hours (and yes, these games can go on for a very, very, very long time), and for what it is it's a quite full experience. You can either play against the computer or online, choosing Free Play to pick any board and any CPU characters you like or Tour Mode to play through boards with pre-set tasks and character selections. Other than placing the various squares in different locations, whether you're playing on Starship Mario or the Ghost Ship really doesn't change the way the game itself plays, just what you're looking at as you wait for your turn. The only difference is that the CPUs you pick in single player make different comments depending on who they are. You can also play as your Mii, not too surprisingly, using currency you collect from completing the boards in Tour Mode to buy various outfits and costumes for them to wear in the game.

Given how little interaction this game requires from the player, the boards and characters should have had more of an impact, if only to make things a little more interesting and varied from game to game. This does significantly shorten the game, perhaps making it more accessible to younger players, or just players who don't have five hours to spend on one playthrough.
It does take out a lot of the depth, but it's still fun to play this way if you're in a rush, and certainly makes for a more digestible experience.

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