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Stacker puzzle  is a great 3D logic puzzle, consisting out of the Base, twelve Hexagon Discs and thirteen Dowels (items 13). Make all the items following the instructions given in 2D documentation and try to piece the 3D puzzle together.
All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. The knot puzzle demands very tight tolerances because it is important that in the end it looks as made of one piece. In stores and over the internet you can buy this puzzle, but sadly to say, in most cases of bought puzzles, the parts are not done precisely and between the puzzle parts are vivid large gaps, so the puzzle doesn’t look nice nor challenging.

If you wish to varnish or paint the parts in the finish, keep in mind that the layers of paint can affect the smooth gliding of parts when assembling the puzzle.
The Discs should be arranged in that way that every hole on each Disc is filled with the Dowel.  If you want to make this game more difficult, you can add a restriction and forbid putting two Dowels on each other.
We recommend purchasing some  wood with a nice, interesting texture like Rosewood, Teak, Oak,  Walnut, Chery, Ash etc. If some of the items do not fit to its place, rub one thin layer of wood with sandpaper, until all the items easily fit. This puzzle does not belong to the hard category but it is very interesting because it is equally difficult to assemble it as it is to dismantle it.

They offer very good training for making wooden parts precisely and this way you acquire the feeling of tolerance between parts.

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