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Stanley has been testing prototypes of this chisel with woodworkers and builders, and 74 percent of those who used it said they’d consider switching to this tool. From a furniture-making perspective, woodworkers will be interested in how narrow the side bevels of these chisels will be.
Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
When I first got into woodworking many years ago, I was taken with the everlasting chisels as far their looks and quality. Other than that, the included features seem like they should add up to very functional planes hopefully out of the box as long as appropriate care is taken in production and materials. SeaB07-02-2014, 04:25 PMLow angle jack plane, but I'm sure you will need to add to the C note.
Boater1407-04-2014, 10:45 AMThose red plastic things or the little red balloon like things for resealing caulking tubes.

For rebates on plank ends on plywood the grain is running with and at 90 degrees to the plane. 92 combines the best of the Edward Preston and Sons’ plane designs with modern WoodRiver® features to create a “new classic” with the look and feel of a shiny antique but the body of shoulder plane equipped for serious shop work, whether cleaning up tenons, rabbets and dadoes or creating joints.
The chisel market is a crowded one (just open any woodworking catalog), so the quality of these new tools will be closely watched by competitors and consumers. I have their low angle block plane and the machine work is beautiful, the mechanism is smooth, precise, and it's pleasure to use. Beautifully made, works perfect, better than a standard low angle plane for boat building in glued ply.
Does microbevels easy, plus you can get a cambered roller to avoid plane edges catching for boat work. Perhaps put it towards a new plane, or buy some marking tools, there are many possibilities.

The bullnose plane looks like it would be very nice as well, and useful; more so than the skew plane.
92 is the result of two years of extensive prototyping and testing to develop a classic look for a plane that works as good as it looks. The classic shoulder plane features were retained – narrow body, slightly proud blade (to clean corners), sides square to the sole, flat bottoms and a necessary robustness—but a major new feature was added, an adjustable toe used to control the throat opening and help to minimize tear-out on end grain.

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