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How to stain and seal hardwood floors – for dummies, Knowing how to stain and seal a hardwood floor properly pays off in having a beautiful finish and enduring protection. If the wine has begun setting in to the wood, the first step is to try to clean the stained area with a strong bleach. The bag was flimsy, and before I knew what was happening, a big oil stain had soaked its way into my hardwood floors. After much scrubbing, the stain is a little lighter, but so is my floor finish, and I eventually had to stop before I turned a small stain into a huge worn spot (with a stain in the middle). How to remove mold stains from wood floors: 7 steps, How to remove mold stains from wood floors.

Mix oil soap and hot water, according to package directions, then dip a soft cloth into the mixture, and scrub the wood.
Mix baking soda with enough mineral oil, lemon oil, or linseed oil to form a paste, and then lightly rub it over the stain with a soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain. Even if you have a saucer under a plant on the floor, the pot allows moisture through and will ruin your floor. Make a paste from rottenstone, a very finely ground rock that woodworkers use as a polishing abrasive. All the experts I consulted agreed with me that a well-finished floor shouldn’t have stained like that.

I hired the floor company six months into a backbreaking renovation, and I was just grateful that someone besides me was in charge. If the stain is large, has set in for many hours, and is located in a very obvious place, consider talking with a wood care professional before cleaning it.
Mix with mineral oil, lemon oil, or linseed oil, and lightly rub it onto the stain in the direction of the wood grain.

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