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A picture frame straight from the store may look nice on its own, but once you add it to a room decorated in rustic fashion, it sticks out like a sore thumb simply by looking too new. 1Cover the work surface with a sheet of corrugated cardboard or an old plastic tablecloth to keep the stain from soaking through. 3Sand the picture frame along some of the sharp edges and corners to soften and age the piece, as if it had been dropped or banged around a few times. 4Coat the picture frame with the sun-bleached shade of paint or stain using a paintbrush, covering the sides as well. 5Brush a thin layer of dark brown stain over the picture frame; wipe most of it off with a rag after a few minutes.

If the frame you'd like to make rustic has a finish on it already, sand off as much of it as you can; otherwise the stain won't soak into the wood.
To make the frame look even more weathered and rustic, drill clusters of shallow tiny holes in several visible areas before staining.
This collection features solid and sturdy unfinished American Poplar wood picture frames in a variety of versatile profiles. Rather than searching antique stores and old barn sales for a frame that already looks weathered and rustic, create the look yourself on any wooden frame using standard crafting supplies and materials from around the house.
Flick the brush at the frame to create random dark spots, which will add to the weathered appearance of the wood.

Perfect for the ultimate DIY'er — personalize these frames with paint, stain, fabric and more. These dents and dings will add to the rustic, distressed look of the frame once it is finished.
If using paint, you can rub some of it off or leave the frame fully covered, depending the look you prefer.

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