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After cutting the blanks to roughly the right size, I draw a line on them to help make sure I keep the grain lined up so when the pen is assembled you can tell the top and bottom part of the pen came from the same piece of wood.
In this next picture, I have moved the tool rest so that it is approximately 45 degrees to the long axis of the lathe. Pen Making Bowl Turning Wood Lathes Wood Blanks And, wood turning at rockler turning tools turning blanks, quality top brand wood turning products at rockler shop our large selection of pen kits turning tools turning blanks projects accessories more.

After the blanks are secured and the lathe speed is adjusted, I shape the wood as it spins. Wood Turning At Rockler Turning Tools Turning Blankswoodturning online new and hot woodturning products, new from fred lindsay sphere turning jig turn perfect spheres on your lathe using this jig its easy to set up and easy to use. I use 4 major steps in the process: (1) preparing the pen blanks, (2) turning (or shaping) the blanks on a lathe, (3) sanding and applying a finish, and (4) assembling all the pieces.

There are several steps that need to be accomplished before one gets the wood onto the lathe.

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