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Oddly enough, we used a level for the first few layers, but we didn’t use it for the rest of the wall.
We left the stained wood outside to dry and air out for a few days before moving on to installation. It’s hard to capture in pictures, but we love the detail in the varying depth of the wood.
Now, brace yourself for a week of DIY projects that can’t possibly produce posts as lengthy as this one. I’ve been wanting to do a project with pallets for a while and this just sent me over the edge. Our walls were already painted in Ben Moore’s Gray Husky, and that seems to be dark enough to hide any gaps.
This was exactly my question…how the heck did you fill in the gap from the wall to the top piece of trim.
We all love the wooden and especially the rustic wooden effects and always held very dear to us. This time we have made a bigger compliment to our living and media room wall  by building up a nice spellbinding and knockout DIY Pallet wall texture. This is the final preview of our our media room wall, the whole overhaul contains a nice shifting of LCD TV to the wall layout. We have got this rustic pile of pallet from near one shipping trading area who gave this up to our need without any heavier flow of money. The stripping of pallet is a little bit teasing one task and you will have to demonstrate a lot of patience while doing it with hand. We have varnished all the pallets to make it well in appearance to give a dark brown shade to the whole of the room. We have made slots to get all necessary electrical power supplies on the wooden wall to avoid any type of circuit complications.
This the real valued wooden charm and impact we have given through the this handcraftedDIY pallet wooden wall.
We would check it every once in a while (as if we were gonna rip the wall off and start over), but it leveled itself quite well.

We shared a few of our inspiration pics last week, and after reading a few tutorials from others, we learned that most others chose to install the wood as is.
We’ve seen others used plywood behind the pallet wood, but we chose to go straight into the wall. Can’t wait to do this in my house, but have been hesitating because I have heard they spray the pallets with chemical. To get bigger DIY pallet furniture projects at home, the highly reachable and gettable source of wood  is the pallet wood.
This wooden wall also provide a tempting and engrossing dark wooden background to the media table containing your LCD TV or any displaying screen. The tremendous white background shade was looking cool but we wanted some more decorative character in our wall to do bunch of ornamental task too. Two nice wall arts, a charming calender and 2nd is the board with painted moral sayings, have been added to the wall landscape to make it spruced up. If you use some tools to get it stripped it would be much enjoyable and time saving idea to get the pallet without wasting of them through breakage. You can make it stained too with walnut dark brown tint stain to get it more strengthened and endured along with shiny wooden impacts.
And then started off the filling of pallets one by one just like a puzzle game and added the screws with screw gun where we find it needed. We have left the spaces for electrical switches slots and got them on the wooden surface to do the same electrical acts without any hitch or trouble.
We have changed the through out appearance and looking of the the media room into chic, with just a super quick and easy DIY pallet project at home.
And although we were pretty confident in where the pallets had come from, we used a cleaning solution on them just in case. Yes, this will be less than pleasing to remove and may result in completely replacing the drywall if the time ever comes that we grow tired of the wall.
My girlfriend was gung ho to start, so rather than wait to collect free pallets we bought 25 mattress pallets (they are ginormous) for $25. The first layer is slightly smaller, meaning that although it sits flush with the corner edge of the wall, it doesn’t necessarily meet flush with each horizontal piece.

Many further motives can be re-purposed through this wooden DIY pallet wall texture for charming and friendly nature of room. In other words, we hung the first strip on the right side of the wall, then we hung the second strip starting on the left side of the wall.
Throughout most of the cuts, I held the pallets in place while Rick worked his way through with the sawzall. Then we used a wider vertical trim piece on top of that, which also meets the corner edge of the wall AND barely sits on top of each horizontal piece. Definitely something I would look into though, if you plan to bring the pallets into your home.
We have done various home interior and exterior improvement through pallet wood the DIY pallet flooring and DIY pallet deck enlargement is one of them which we have recently added in our previous posts. You can decorate your homes, garden, inner, outer areas of house, offices with pallet furniture or any area you live in. I knew there would be a lot of imperfections in the wood, and there might be some gaps here and there. Ours however, came in array of wood types and a lot of them, although still distressed, were fairly new. Since its winter and rarely above freezing the process may take a lil longer than yours because we have to figure out how to dry the wood after cleaning, then stain indoors (limited space equals staining in limited quantities at a time). Meaning that they were still a light wood that hadn’t yet been exposed to the weathering conditions. And in case anyone is curious, we used around 70 pieces of pallet wood and eight actual pallets total. But, with the open corner comes a side view, and extra plywood would only add to the thickness of the wall. We loved the look of varying woods, but we also wanted the uniform of one stain color that would bring all of the wood into the same color tone.

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