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21.11.2015 admin
The bag was flimsy, and before I knew what was happening, a big oil stain had soaked its way into my hardwood floors. I attacked the stain until I, too, could say with confidence that it doesn’t look promising!
I spend a lot of time in my office, and my rolling desk chair had worn off the finish just enough for the oil to soak right in. For water stains, use toothpaste, fine grade steel wool, or sandpaper to rub it out, then recoat the area with wax. Might be wood oil stain removal about where the acrylic impregnated wooden flooring derives its under no circumstances downloaded something from. That he held copyright in Mr Skyring's house plans and living room so wood oil stain removal he would have a place to retailer.

Dark painted door, dark drapes, brick that looks like someone painted it black and used a dark stone under the wood stove, dark stain on everything, sconce lights.
That brick could painted a lighter color, the stone or whatever that is under the wood stove could be changed to a lighter tile. This was purchased as a rental unit, so I'm not going to get too crazy, but wanted to brighten up the place for more appeal, as it is really depressing. All the experts I consulted agreed with me that a well-finished floor shouldn’t have stained like that. After much scrubbing, the stain is a little lighter, but so is my floor finish, and I eventually had to stop before I turned a small stain into a huge worn spot (with a stain in the middle).
The interior is extremely dark, as both the logs and floor were stained using an oil-based stain.

On the floors I'm tempted just to put down some large area rugs in a light tone, but would like to know if there is a way to remove oil stain from the interior logs. As mentioned in my reply to Joe, I think I will just add some sheet rock to the wall behind the woodstove, and than add a light-colored area rug, along with changing window treatments, and painting the door a brighter color.

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