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Old western photographs, fainting sofas, chic modern furnishings, wildlife paintings, antler chandeliers, hand-thrown pottery, wedding gift ideas, fishing cabin furniture, lodge decor, sumptuous bedroom linens—these are the kind of wonderful gift ideas you’ll find at the Redstone Company Store in beautiful Redstone, Colorado. By the time their dens and hunting cabins are looking much more interesting, the guys start doing their shopping with Debbie, too.
In the spring and summer, Redstone comes alive with music lovers, art gallery aficionados, wine sippers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, fly-fishing enthusiasts, family vacationers, and sightseers.

The collection is an eclectic mixture of mountain ski lodge, cosmopolitan modern design, elegant upscale living, fishing cabin, rustic hunting lodge, vintage Western and Indian art, and classic Americana. A visit to the Redstone Country Store is a highlight for vacationers seeking a quality keepsake or gift to remind them of their visit to the heart of the Colorado Rockies, or new decorating ideas for their homes on the East Coast and West Coast. Thousands of Debbie’s faithful clients have asked her to build a website so that they can do their Christmas and gift shopping online and find those same incredible treasures that they experienced at her store in sleepy Redstone, Colorado.

It’s Debbie’s goal to provide that same unique shopping experience online for quality gifts, wedding gift ideas, mountain decor bedroom linens, fly-fishing cabin furniture, high-end Western decor, sophisticated modern decor, lodge home decor giftware, cowboy and western home decor, and cabin and lodge home decor, as you find at her funky cool little store between the Crystal River and the boulevard in Redstone, Colorado.

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