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The rocking motorcycle shown here has been in use for two years, the wheels turn freely and as does the front forks. The items to be created and then the structure is explained by itself when you set the dimensions of the wood panels in conjunction with the plans.
To always have the same outline, I had cut from heavy cardboard for each part of a pattern with the approximate outline of the parts and then subsequently adjusted so that they fitted with cutting edges on the plates. The bike itself can be removed by 2 carriage bolts are removed from the upper block, and thus be used as a solo part in the rocking part. On her own, Olivia started gathering scrap wood discarded from the rocking motorcycle I was building.
From 2007 to 2010 Rockin’ Choppers of Lake Lure, NC, produced heirloom quality motorcycle rocking horses built by Louis Mihniak with cabinet grade plywood. Unfortunately, Rockin’ Choppers stopped taking orders after Louis was sidelined by an injury in September 2010. For his outstanding Rockin’ Choppers designs and craftsmanship, Louis has earned the honor of being inducted in the Motorcycle Rocker Woodshop Hall of Fame. Believe it or not, the idea for a motorcycle rocking horse has actually been patented more than once. Since this motorcycle rocking horse is my first woodworking project, I don’t have a fully equipped workshop at my disposal.
I also bought a Craftsman table saw from a guy on Craig’s List for $75 (and he threw in a stand for free).
Initially I thought I might try designing an original wooden motorcycle rocker, similar to those Doug Premo used to make. I was originally inspired by a simple rocking motorcycle I saw at the home of a good friend.

The rocker base is made from a solid piece of plywood to prevent little bikers from getting caught as they climb on board. With all rocker parts on your workbench, start by pin-nailing and gluing two outer and inner rocker assemblies together. The last assembly step is to bring the motorcycle and the rocker together, secured with 3" wood screws. I just noticed that on the base plate a larger area was left UN scored for anchoring the plate to the rockers.ooops,crap. So when I started the motorcycle rocking horse project, it didn’t occur to me that my six year old daughter Olivia would pay much attention. Unable to find anything he liked that could be store bought, he started playing around with bits and pieces of wood he had in the basement. Now that the basic rocking motorcycle concept is in the public domain anyone can exercise their inalienable right to build one — commercially or otherwise. But considering this is my very first woodworking project, I thought it better to find some existing woodworking plans.
Not long ago, friends of mine showed me a rocking toy they had bought that was made to look like a motorcycle. Drill holes from under the rocker rails up into the wheels, then add two screws per wheel to hold the bike firmly in place.
In fact, one evening she broke down in tears telling me how she thought I wouldn’t want to play with her after the boy was born. He was particularly fascinated with a couple of large dowels that were sticking out of a box and reminded him of a motorcycle tailpipe.
In fact, KidKraft now offers a line of Harley-Davidson licensed rockers (made in China of course).

About a year ago I took up motorcycle riding because the excitement helps fight off depression the same way physical activity does. As a new motorcycle enthusiast I thought it would be a great way to share one of my interests with our little guy.
It was such an interesting variation on the classic rocking horse idea that I had to discover how it was built. A round bun foot (Waddell #2741), meant to be a furniture foot, happens to make the perfect wooden motorcycle headlight. So we planned a Daddy-Daughter day and I tried to think of ways we could work together on the motorcycle project. One wooden piece led to another, and before he knew it, he had created the very first Rockin’ Chopper, a motorcycle rocking chair! But I suppose due credit should be given to Carl Alley, Richard Whitehead, Mark McNett and Michael Cline as men of their time, sharing credit for a quintessentially 20th Century interpretation of the classic, timeless rocking horse. Personally, I think the McNett design is kind of ugly little resemblance to any street motorcycle, or motocross bike I’ve ever seen. In spite of all that, taking a look at the technical quality of his work is valuable for anyone interested in building a wooden motorcycle rocking horse. He’ll be joining seven year old big sister Olivia to complete our family and I have decided to build him a motorcycle rocking horse. Whitehead’s innovation was a front wheel that makes contact with the floor as the child rocks forward.

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