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Quality joints are measured and cut so accurately that they hold together without glue or fasteners, and this calls for a degree of accuracy in measurements unattainable with a tape measure. Joiners need accurate saws, and the ones used in other woodworking trades usually don't qualify. Chisels were probably some of the first woodworking tools ever developed, and they remain as indispensable to woodworkers as they have ever been. A basic list of hand tools needed for kids to get started, You can buy the tools that you don't already have as you get to them in the book or you can go ahead and buy them all at once. Old woodworking tools, Source for old woodworking tools as well as those from other trades including machinists, coachmakers, shipwrights, wheelwrights, leatherworkers, coopers.. Woodworking tools -- shopsmith woodworking equipment and, Woodworking tools -- shopsmith woodworking equipment and supplies.

Although power tools have made many hand-joining techniques essentially obsolete, serious craftsmen continue to practice them for their sheer elegance. The most common joinery saw, the dovetail saw, is named after the joint for which it was originally developed. With the exception of the hand plane, another shaving tool used in joinery, blade sharpness is more important for a chisel than it is for any other cutting tool. Their joinery tools are as distinctive as their techniques, and an increasing number of western craftsmen use them.
The tools needed for hand joinery are primarily ones for measuring, cutting, shaving and tapping. Among these are the pull saw, which is sharp, accurate and easier to use than a dovetail saw, and the block plane, a simple and effective shaving tool that consists of a block of wood and a cutting blade.

A hand plane is useful for shaving the two sides of the joint to the same thickness after assembly. Used in conjunction with a protractor, it is the tool that joiners use for measuring angles other than 90 degrees. These tools resemble hacksaws, but their blades are much narrower and able to cut tighter curves.

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