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This is gorgeous in design and I think my cats would love it, but it would have to be one covered in sisal because my cats got hung up on the carpet on my refined feline cat tower, and never used it again (and it cost over $300.00!). Something in the back of my mind does reflect on why I would import something that expensive when $7 a day is needed for each cat at the Irvine shelter (dog, bunny, etc) and more $$ means more cats saved from high kill shelters. The manufacturer of the Designer Cat Box just expanded their product line to include two amazing new cat climbing pieces that I’m sure are going to be a big hit with Moderncat fans! The Sophia shelves are available in the same black and white finishes to match the Sebastian cat tree.

The Curvynest cat tree from Taiwan-based cat product design company Catswall is finally coming to the US! The shelves are sold in a set of two, one with an opening for your cat to climb through and the other with an enclosed space that can be used for decorative items. This gorgeous modern cat tree has only been available in Asia, but it will now be available in other countries. It’s designed to give slightly so that it has a subtle bouncing effect when cats jump on it, sort of like a cradle rocking.

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