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This is after waiting a couple hours for the spackling to dry and then sanding with the 600 grit shown above.
I will finish sanding today and put on the second coat of paint so I will update again later on.
These next couple of pictures were taken with my point and shoot instead of the SLR that was used previously so I apologize for the reduced image quality.
So, today I've compiled a list of my top 10 ways that you can use spray paint to transform items in your home. As a reformed hoarder of thrift store junk, this is probably my favorite way to use spray paint. In the above example I used some antique white spray paint to update 2 bronze candlesticks and a green vase.
I also recently spray painted two thrift store lamps in our guest bedroom a high gloss white. You can even make your own frame out of some scrap wood and then spray paint it, like I did on my DIY gold leaf art. This is one of my favorite spray paint techniques, combining spray paint and painter's tape to create stripes. Over the years, I've learned a few things about the different spray paint products available, and I've used all sorts of different brands.
Now, I already had the wood filler, brush, and sandpaper, so my total cost to restore this bedroom set to new was a mere $95.64!
Step 3: Remove drawers and apply a thin layer of chalkboard paint to the drawer faces and the body of the furniture. While spraying, I went heavier in some areas and lighter in others giving the finish an uneven look where some of the black comes through on some areas, while other parts are very silvery. And one last thing on the sealer… While I liked the smoothness and the final finish of the Valspar product, it really bugged me that even after letting the dressers sit outside for a few days after the final coat, I could still smell the product almost two weeks after bringing the pieces back into the house.
Also check out my DIY fantabulous formica cabinet makeover where I put together my own unique chalk paint recipe. Jenise, I’ve got to say I was surprised when I saw you used Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint but I’m really liking the results! This is absolutely the perfect tutorial I needed to see, as I am getting ready to re-invent two side tables for my Master bedroom.
I cannot find the Looking Glass paint in any store at the moment, so I though I would go with the chrome.
I've decided to make a proper extensive tutorial on how to paint MDF to get that perfect mirror finish since my original worklog thread got so much interest and questions about how to paint.

For this project a 3M brand type block would have been fine, but for arcade sticks I recommend making one like this.
You have to use something to seal the edges or they will just continue to soak up paint like a sponge and will just be a general PITA. I do 2 coats at a time, then wait a few minutes for them to dry a little, then repeat until it's a fairly uniform coat. The next steps will be to sand the second coat, apply clear, sand the clear, and buff to a mirror finish. Just take any plain jane trinket, none of which will match if they come from a thrift store, and cover them in spray paint. In the below picture, I used my favorite silver spray paint to update a mirrored tray, a vase, and the frame on that artwork. For instance, I updated the brassy pulls on my blue dresser with a little spray paint trick I learned.
I spray painted the frame a high gloss black and then used chalkboard paint on each drawer front. I bought a bunch of plastic pumpkins at the dollar store, spray painted them silver, and used them for decoration.
Now, you’re probably wondering why I used chalkboard paint instead of regular primer. The heavier painted areas are accomplished with more layers rather than thicker paint because as I mentioned in step 3, the paint will pool and drip if you don’t keep the layers thin.
You’ll want to seal your painted surfaces to protect from chipping, water damage, etc.
I already have a mirrored Armoire in the room, so a finish like this will match splendidly. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend twice as much for that tiny can without being sure I REALLY needed the Looking Glass spray paint!
This will be a very complete guide and I hope to help all of you out there who struggle to get a great paintjob with spray paint and MDF.
So you start off of the wood and then make a pass and don't let off the flow until you are off again. Cutting through will always happen unless you are a professional painter, in which case you don't need this tutorial. So I spray painted the base silver and added a new drum shade with a black ribbon hotglued around the top and bottom.
Once you’ve got a comfortable work space, remove all hardware, fill holes with wood filler and sand down the filled holes till smooth.

The cans are only 6 ounces, so I used a total of three cans for the two pieces of furniture. So project #1 for mom and pops was to give some of their furnishings a little personality starting with a dull, scratched up night stand and dresser and I’m so excited to share the evolution. First, some people just starting to paint can simply follow along with me as I go, and second it takes a long time to work, take pictures, edit and upload pictures, and finally post the information here so I'd much rather do it in parts.
But I also love quality and while I have to admit that $14 for a paint brush may seem a little pricey, it was well worth it. And what gets even better is that about once or twice a month their knobs go on sale for 50% off. With this little block you can sand in the middle of the wood pieces of your case without hitting the edges until you want to.
Other acceptable techniques to seal edges are to use wood sizing (a mixture of glue and water), wood filler, or bondo.
Keep about 10 inches or so away from the surface you're painting and put on very thin coats like you see below. I bought a cheap brush for a prior project and I was constantly picking broken bristles off my painted surface, plus it left the ugliest brush marks. You need wet sanding for that, but there's really no choice when working with the first coats of primer. If you can find 1000 to go in between that and 2000 for the last sand that would be even better. I’ll admit, I did sand a few scratches on the top surfaces, along with the wood filler surface. It is not exactly cheap, but it does last a long time, and more importantly, it gives a beautiful mirror like finish. The theory here is that there are peaks and valleys of the substrate left on the surface after painting with a brush.
For reference I used about a whole sheet of sandpaper to do just that top part and the long side. After sanding for maybe 10-15 seconds you will notice that the paper starts to grab and doesn't glide very easily anymore. And just to note, for this project I only used the brush to apply the clear protector finish.

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