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11.05.2015 admin
So it's been a just over a month since I finished my Arcade Table Coffee Table, so thought I'd post some progress pics of the personal project I've been wanting to do for years. It’s only a well-drawn mechanical plan at this point, but if the results are anything like the model or detail drawing, we will be quite impressed. Added some 2.1 speakers with speakers sitting on top (might mount these to the underside of the table.

Not quite flush with top of table, so will need to cut the middle supporting beam to lower the monitor. The controls will be mounted on a hinged panel at the top of the drawers, so that the joystick can be dropped down to give enough clearance to close the drawers, hiding the controls when the arcade table is pretending to be a coffee table. Wiring mostly secured and tied down, frame for hole at the top of the table painted and glued on.

So wanted to build a MAME cabinet, but have no room nor have approval from the wifey to embark on the project, so it just sat there in the back of my mind.

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