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Learn more about green woodworking and traditional hand tools while making a post-and-rung stool.
This workshop is designed to introduce students to a variety of tools and techniques used in green woodworking. This workshop will include an overview of the properties of wood and wood movement, instruction in shaping, and drying green wood, as well as procedures for working safely with hand-tools. We think a lot about old skills, renewable resources, making do with what we have and being creative. It's time to embrace that inner cave person, so go grab an axe and make something magical from green wood with your hands, head and heart! During this course, students will gain practical experience working with traditional hand tools while making a post-and-rung stool with a woven seat.

Over the winter break Paul progressed with some of the projects he's planned for green woodworking. During this totally 'hands on' experience you will learn many traditional green wood working skills & the use of the old fashioned woodland tools to help make a piece of rustic garden furniture. I don't often write about this because it's something he does and mostly I don't, except when a bit of weight comes in handy to hold something steady but he did a lot over the holiday and I took some pictures recording it.In the picture above you can see some of the tools of the trade. Green wood is different because unless you handle it carefully it will split and break as it seasons. Paul's been working using Mike Abbott's Green Woodwork which is pretty much the standard primer for all new woodworkers.
Apart from the use of a chainsaw to cut the trunk of the Ash tree that provided the wood, all the work has been done with hand tools in a traditional manner.

On it, Paul turned the pins that hold the shave horse together, which is a bit confusing really because he could have done with the horse to prepare the wood for the lathe.Now, we have nearly everything we need to start working green wood into useful items. We have apple, cherry and box woods on the farm which will make all sorts of furniture and kitchen tools.

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