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27.12.2013 admin
My last project before taking my summer break from garden-making, included this arbor built from cedar trunks and branches.
Cheryl York found several doors awhile ago and decided to begin her own door arbor project.
In answer to the question from Nanette about grounding the arbor, We put large pieces of angle iron into the ground beside each door panel and once they were hammered deeply into the ground, we screwed the posts to each side of the door.

Arbors, trellis, obelisks, screens…these are all great ways to add vertical interest to the garden, combining function with art. Here you’ll see supports for climbers, seating areas, bold artistic structures, rustic arbors, and more. So if you need a sturdy arbor, watch for these at sales or even new ones dollar-wise are not real expensive!   I harvested my first bittersweet in November!   American bittersweet, Celastrus scandens, is planted for its clusters of colorful fruit in the fall.

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