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Yes Alexis all glue guns are different sizes which is why I stated that mine was my favorite $5 glue gun from Walmart. Thanks shanty i must have missed that part but i need a new glue gun any way so i guess ill go get me one THANK YOU i cant wait to make this work but now im also going to find a way to make it for my smaller gun now too .. Since Ethan used materials already on hand, he started with plywood (even though it’s not the nicest) and cut to the size he wanted.
Then, starting at the push-hole, Ethan cut the tile recess using a palm router and cleaned up the corners with a chisel. Next, Ethan used wood glue on all the pieces and held it in place with clamps while he waited for it to dry. Well, I have to admit that I didn’t think I needed one, until you showed us how your gun looks and I realized that mine is even worse. I never understood why my hot glue gun never came with a stand… it’s just a hot mess everytime I use it!

A couple of weeks ago I pinned a glue gun holder from One Project Closer that I couldn’t wait to make with Mr. 1.  I knew I wanted to make one glue gun holder for myself and one to give to a winner, so we started by cutting pieces of wood to a length that worked with my glue gun and the leftover tile that we had on-hand. 2.  We then cut a piece of wood for the glue gun holder, cut an angle on the end, and drew a line down the center. I’m currently figuring out what to do with a huge blank wall in my bathroom – after staring at it for six months! Great minds think alike – I too bought the materials to make my own glue gun holder this weekend!! Filed Under: hot glue crafts, organization, spray paint, tutorials previous post: Merry Christmas! It protects the wood from the melting hot glue and can be switched out with new tile when it starts getting yucky.

I recently took my glue gun to a crafting night and it dropped on the floor like ten times!
SP routed out a recessed place for the tile and drilled a hole so that the tile can easily come out for cleaning.  The angled piece to hold the glue gun was first glued in place and when dry was screwed from the bottom to be sure that it was secure.
Though I do have a Mardi Gras wreath lined up to be made (so many beads left over from this year) that’s begging for the glue. To them, maybe it seemed a little excessive…until I shared what my old glue gun looked like. And yes, the glue gun comes with a metal stand, but those are flimsy and the glue gun still falls over 50% of the time.

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