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Lowes Coffee Table Plans,Plans Lathe Stand,Plans For Small Wooden Jewelry Boxes - How to DIY

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Arrange the parts for the two leg braces (Pipe-Frame Coffee Table Project Diagram, Brace Assembly) and begin by screwing the caps (1) onto the 8-inch pipes (2). Good to KnowBy allowing one or both pairs of pipes on each end to hang over the edge of a table, you can apply more pressure to tighten the assembly. Lay out the hole locations on the 1 x 20 x 48 panel (Pipe-Frame Coffee Table Project Diagram, Table Top). Good to KnowThe finished table will be about 48 inches long and 20 inches deep with a height that varies slightly with the spacing of the pipes. Good to KnowTo use the table on hard-surface floors, attach adhesive-back felt pads to the bottoms of the pipe caps. Before starting on your table and benches, obtain the pipe fittings in advance to ensure you’ll have adequate materials on hand to begin. Organize the pipes and fittings needed to begin the table on a large work surface (Pipe-Frame Table Project Diagram, Cutting List and Drawing 1). Cut five 2 x 8 boards to 84 inches long for the top slats (A) (Pipe-Frame Table Project Diagram, Cutting List). Place the top slats (A) on a work surface and position the middle cleat (B) so that it is centered on the bottom face of the top, (Pipe-Frame Table Project Diagram, Drawing 4). Good to KnowThe table can be made shorter or longer by substituting pipes of a different length in the base assembly. Place the top slats (A) on a work surface and center the middle cleat (B) on the seat slats. Customize our free plans to suit your decor, and build an economical coffee table, console table, and end table -- all in one weekend.

The tables are designed with all hidden fasteners -- no screw or nail holes to fill -- making them faster and easier to build and finish. Cut 1-inch-square dowels to length (Project Diagram, Cutting List) for the corner cleats (D-1) and glue them into the corners of the table (Project Diagram, Drawing 2) to reinforce the corners. Cut the top cleats (E) to length and glue in position on top of the corner cleats (Project Diagram, Drawing 2) -- two are at each end of the table, and one in the middle for the coffee and console tables. Cut two scraps of wood to support the base rails (G) off of the table frame (Project Diagram, Drawing 4), this should be the table leg length above the sides minus 1 inch. Good to KnowLifting the rails off the floor ever so slightly allows the table to rest on the legs, not the rails, making it more stable. If you need to use both hands to turn the pipes, clamp the rest of the assembly to the table. Begin by sliding the top H-shape assembly as far as possible into the notch on both ends of the table top (Pipe-Frame Coffee Table Project Diagram, Exploded View). Continue joining the fittings and pipes as shown (Pipe Frame Table Project Diagram, Drawing 1). These fittings should be very loose at this time (Pipe-Frame Table Project Diagram, Drawing 1).
Repeat for the three remaining leg assemblies (Pipe-Frame Table Project Diagram, Drawing 2). Rest the table base on the top (Pipe-Frame Table Project Diagram, Drawing 5) and adjust the pipe frame until it rests squarely on the top. If you want to add a foot in length to the table, substitute two 24-inch pipes for the 18-inch pipes.

The end table, coffee table, and console table plans are also easy to modify to fit your needs. The boards on the front of the frames, especially with the longer tables like the coffee table and console table, may have some bow to them and the edges and surfaces might not line up. Place the boards on a flat work surface with the best faces down (Project Diagram, Drawing 3). The bottom pair of pipes should be about 12 inches closer to the center of the table than the top pair. If the specific length pipe is not available, a Lowe’s associate can cut and thread the pipe for you. If a specific pipe is not available, a Lowe’s associate can cut and thread pipes for you. Shorten the console table to coffee table height, and you could use it as a stand for a large-screen TV. This will provide a place to secure the top cleats (E) (Table Project Diagram, Cutting List).
Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. The project diagrams for each table use the same part letters, but you’ll need to consult the individual cuttings lists for part sizes.

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