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The logs can be run from the gable ends lengthwise of the cabin as beam supports or they can be run as trusses.
You can try the end gable system where you continue building the walls on the ends of the cabin up to a point.
It looks nice, but doesn't hold heat very well.Many cabin owners design false roofs that have an extra foot thick of insulation in the ceiling.
These are where a larger diameter log needs to be used in cases of long spans and in areas of unusually heavy snow loads.Purlins can be one long log piece or they can be broken up by log trusses to ease the weight. But will not be confident in their own catalog of woodworking initiatives, Design E book Eight features. Either way you will need to make sure that the roof gets adequate insulation.Many log cabins have open or vaulted ceilings with tongue-in-groove boards making it difficult to get adequate insulation. Log cabin roofs support very heavy snow loads due to the gable ends.If you live in an area that has excessive snowfall, it would be wise to use a larger diameter log size for the roof.

And if you are looking at a large log cabin, then never more so if it is going to be your home! Large diameter logs are really expensive, but you only need a few to build a log home with a very strong roof. Whilst design will dictate the aesthetic appeal of your cabin, critically it also has a very big impact on how your log cabin will stand the test of time.
The angle of the roof may dictate what type of roof tiles you can use, as roof tiles have a minimum pitch requirement. Certain log design principles must be followed to allow the log structure to work properly, but additionally certain design details will significantly influence how well protected certain parts of your log cabin will be. Large roof overhangs, while shielding you from the elements can also have a very beneficial effect on the overall structure. Corner joints Log corner joints are something which help give log cabins their unique, external visual appeal. Again, moisture can be minimized with good design, although certain maintenance is also key. Log home plans There are many log cabin designs out there, but visualizing the end result can be difficult.

If possible try to see examples of similar cabins to give you a better feel for the floor plan.
If you are looking at a storey and a half designs, try to see how much area on the top floor you will be able to properly stand up in. Some roof designs can encroach on the usable space considerably, so don’t just look at the floor area alone.

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