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02.08.2015 admin
My kids are in high school now so I thought it was time they had nicer desks than the ones we got them at Ikea. CLICK HERE to download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Keil's Arts and Crafts library table.
Further, the drawings, explanations, plans, and details on the drawers are woefully inadequate. Generally this lead to an interesting collection of shelves and tables knocked together out of found boards; sometimes hung off the wall with hinges and lightweight chains so that they could be stowed away when not in use.
I was really worried about this because all the joinery I saw being used in the plans I looked at seemed beyond my abilities. They are paper not plastic, so they rip easily and you really have to work at it to get them off.
Assuming you got the measurements right, you should have just enough space for the drawer sliders to fit between the drawer sides and the slide supports in the desk.

Arts & Crafts trestle library table with corbel supports under rectangular top, and lower shelf mortised through cut-out legs. RTChoke writes: I built a dining table using similar techniques, on the legs it is easy to get the 4 sides together and to stay together if you put in a few biscuits in the mitered edges.
Thankfully they did a good job and left the original bar in place so you have the option to use it as is or turn back the clock and use it as a wardrobe.
With the decline of the written letter it’d even be a good workstation for a tablet or laptop. I also decided I didn’t want a desk with drawers on the side, just one small drawer at the top for pencils and papers.
I can use a table saw and other power tools, but I’m no master craftsman, so I set out to simplify the plans and come up with something I could do a good job building.
Arts & Crafts library table with Mackmurdo feet, three vertical slats to the side and three-slat lower shelf.

Please continue offering the many ideas and plans, and I will continue as a subscriber to a fine magazine for 10+ years!!! So I recommend you get into a Zen place and peel off the stickers when you first buy the boards. To install them select your locations on the desk frame (I chose 6 locations: 2 each on the front and back and 1 on each end). Let that coat dry, lightly sand the entire desk, and give a pretty good sanding to the top. They can really apply a lot of pressure and are long enough to clamp the legs to the cross members of the desk.

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