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Lemon Oil For Wood Cabinets,Wooden Gun Rack Blueprints,10 X 12 Pergola Plans Free - Videos Download

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For centuries, pure lemon oil has been prized for the superb way it cleans, shines, and prevents fine wood finishes from drying out. While providing a glorious sheen for all woods, Weiman® Lemon Oil is especially recommended for teak, oak, Scandinavian and other low lustre finishes. Never greasy, Weiman® Lemon Oil will not show fingerprints and helps clean, moisturize and preserve your fine furniture with the natural fragrance of fresh lemons.

Weiman® Lemon Oil is Kosher certified and carries the Kosher symbol of the Orthodox Union. Weiman Lemon Oil is the trusted furniture polish and has been used for many generations by antiques collectors, museums, furniture restorers and expert craftsmen.
Weiman’s premium wood cleaning and polishing solutions clean, polish and moisturize wood surfaces including wood furniture, cabinets and panels.

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