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01.07.2015 admin
After being quoted just on $1000 to have our dated mottled green kitchen benchtops spray painted, I did some internet searching and found your fabulous product. Thrilled to say that after receiveing our order within just 3x days I started immediately and 2x days later we have an awesome new kitchen makeover.
I recommend that you measure your kitchen correctly and follow the product instructions exactly even going so far as sticking to the recommended time for not using the dishwasher or placing heavy items onto the bench top and your result should be as good as mine. Over two and a half years ago, Joe and I moved into our apartment and made due with our less than perfect kitchen.

And here are the finished countertops!  What an improvement!  If you ask me, it looks way more expensive than other resurfacing techniques even though it was dirt cheap!
We decided to renovate the kitchen but didn’t like the finish of the most popular bench top product on the market when a friend who is a top renovator in Melbourne, recommended the Giani paint system.
Finding out we could purchase a Giani Granite Paint kit is so much better than paying the $1800 we were quoted to replace the whole benchtop.
Stay tuned for the full before and after reveal where you’ll get to see them in the context of the whole kitchen.

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