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08.12.2014 admin
People often ask if they can justify the cost of a planer and jointer with the cost savings of buying rough sawn wood. Actually,  to properly prepare wood, you need three machines, a jointer, planer and a tablesaw (that's assuming that most people start off buying a tablesaw, some feel a bandsaw is more important than a tablesaw). So I bought my 6" jointer and bought a $350 12" DeWalt lunch box planer, thinking I'd upgrade to a Delta 15" planer when I had the money.
They often will surface wood for an additional charge, but the charge is usually not much and you won't be able to justify spending $1000 or $2000 on a jointer and planer. If you can find enough surfaced wood at a lumberyard or retailer for a medium size project, that is all all perfeclt flat and straight and exactly the same dimensions, then you are luckier than most woodworkers.

You buy these machines for he control and consistancy that you can only achieve with useing them. I often take a piece of wood that started off flat from the jointer, and watch it become two bent pieces after ripping it in half. And if I could, I would upgrade (and spend $2500-$3500) on a 12" jointer before I upgrade my little 12" planer. The internal stresses are often released in a board after it's ripped and cutting a flat, straight board doesn't always give you two flat, straight boards.
My advice to most hobbiest woodworkers (doesn't apply to everyone) is spend ALL your money on a jointer, and buy a little lunchbox planer.

A little lunch box planer doesn't have the power to quickly process really rough sawn wood, like a big heavy planer can. But a bigger jointer can do that, leaving just a little surfacing neccesary that a small planer can handle easily.

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