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The rail backer is a piece of 1-by and its job is to project the rollers and door slab past the existing door casing.
The door makes the space private, helps to deaden noise coming into and going out of the kitchen, and works great with kids.
From a design standpoint it adds color, texture and function to an otherwise empty doorway. That’s wide enough to cover a little casing on either side of the door, but thin enough to slide fully open.
This entry was posted in Bungalow Restore, Furniture, Home Decor, T-Shirt Projects, Tutorials, Upcycled, Wood and tagged barn door, cat door, diy, diy barn door, stain, Upcycled. Awesome door, going to gather all materials to make one for a downstairs office converted into a bedroom.

With both holes drilled, I tested to be sure that they would fit.  Then I glued and attached the top piece to the door. Once everything was together, this dowel rod idea made the doors so incredibly secure.  I’m so pleased with how everything turned out! And you’ll just have to use your imagination for now to picture the large section of door at the top removed, and glass inserted in its place. I’m going to fill those holes by using a hole saw and cutting out circles of wood from scrap parts of another door.
I may or may not have already known that about these boards, but I’ll make sure to measure the door out before buying the straps then. Your door is great, use wanted to post that I did a barn door on an effenciency apartment about a year ago and I found the hardware at The Home Depot.

I would like to use your idea to replace the laundry doors in my kitchen but it will cover the opening by 9 inches on one side.
As the humidity goes up in the Summer, the wood expands, causing the door to bow and rub the wall.
It will look like you just covered your whole door in red and ruined all the awesome patina..

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