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Asymmetric routing is not a problem by itself, but will cause problems when Network Address Translation (NAT) or firewalls are used in the routed path. Another problem than can occur is unicast flooding where the cause of flooding is that destination MAC address of the packet is not in the L2 forwarding table of the switch. CAM: As frames arrive on switch ports, the source MAC addresses are learned and recorded in the CAM table.
Remember: In L3 Switches, the default ARP table aging time is 4 hours while the CAM holds the entries for only 5 minutes.

Suppose that the FTP client is already connected to the FTP server; this means that the CAM and ARP table of the L3 switches contain the information (IP and Mac address) about the FTP Client and FTP server.
This flooding is due to asymmetric routing and may stop when the arp table is age out or the Switch sends a broadcast packet (for istance an ARP request).
Note: You can also simulate this behavior using a router plus a switch instead of a layer3 switch. The problem is due to asymmetric routing and to the ARP timers that are bigger than MAC timers.

If a MAC address learned on one switch port has moved to a different port, the MAC address and timestamp are recorded for the most recent arrival port. In that situation the best action is probably to lower the arp timeout on the Layer 3 device, setting it to a time near your switches’s cam-table timeout, for example five minutes.

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