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Types of Dovre 2000 stovesDovre 2700 wood burning stoveThe Dovre 2700 woodburner is a classic stove that combines the advantages of an airtight stove with all the pleasures of an open fire.
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Find out moreDovre 2000 MFR multifuel stoveSlightly larger than the Dovre 2700, the Dovre 2000 MFR multi fuel stove also has an adjustable riddling grate (allowing it to burn all solid fuels). With the doors open the Dovre 1800 has the charms of an open fire - the sound of the wood crackling and the sight of the flames dancing in the fire.

When you ring Stovesonline you will never be held in a queue, given options or made to listen to music. Find out moreDovre 1800 multifuel stoveThe Dovre 1800 multifuel stove is ideal for smaller inglenook fireplaces.
The Dovre 2700 wood burning stove is in stock and can be dispatched to you tomorrow (or we can hold it for you until you are ready).
The Dovre 2000 is designed to be able to be run with the doors wide open which gives a cosy fireplace effect.

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