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26.03.2015 admin
So I made my own, including the things I loved, and changing the things I didn’t love about the inspiration ottoman. The stain I used is Rust-Oleum wood stain in Dark Walnut.  I used two coats to get the dark color you see on this ottoman.
Before attaching the tufted top to the wood base, I added a welt cord that I covered in the ottoman fabric.  I simply glued it around the bottom of the ottoman top using hot glue.

Can hardly believe how your living room is turning from a sow’s purse into an elegant room that is so inviting. Please accept my warmest wishes for the new year, may you continue to find joy and fulfillment in your work! You make me believe my husband and I could build something like this one day…and we have no tools or skills!

You inspire me Kristi, I look forward to your posts and when I spot them in my mailbox I make myself a cup of coffee and I savour them word by word, picture by picture.

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