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Here’s our fabulous guest Heidi with a great detailed tutorial to show you how to build the patio table! If you like the benches we built to accompany the table, pop over to our blog, Kruse’s Workshop, for additional instructions on how to build them. The first step is to build a box to support the lip of the ice box so it can’t drop out of the table.
Now we need to build a frame that will hold the ice box supports and act as extra bracing for the table top.

Since the entire under body is built, it’s a great time to lay your table top above it to see that everything is lining up.
To attach the legs, we are going to build some diagonal supports that attach to the skirting, then the legs will be bolted to this diagonal support. There’s plenty of room in the very center of the table to add a hole to accommodate an umbrella.
Get your backyard ready for entertaining with a few projects, and yours will be the house that everyone loves to come to! Our guest today has an awesome patio table building plan for you. And it has a secret that your guests will love: built-in ice boxes, perfect for keeping your drinks cool!

This is an important step, as it will allow the lid that will eventually cover the ice box to sit flush with the rest of the table.

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