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Note For Urdu Readers: Urdu Main Safai Ka Tarika aur Tips is page k akhir main di gai hain, page k akhri hisay main ja kar furniture ki safai k totkay parhain. Furniture made from woven rattan, wicker, or bamboo requires moisture in order to prevent cracking or fraying. While cleaning a whole house worth of furniture can represent a major undertaking, it doesn’t have to be a hassle.
Several times a year, use a spray bottle to spray these pieces of furniture lightly with water.

Use a clean cloth to go over the piece of furniture, loosening and removing any dust and dirt on the surface. Mix equal parts boiled linseed oil and turpentine in a bucket or bowl; a quarter cup (59 ml) of each will suffice for a large piece of furniture like a table. In order to reduce the amount of heavy soiling (and the need to deep clean the furniture), maintain a regularly cleaning regimen.
A quarter cup (59 ml) of detergent and a full cup (236 ml) of water will be enough to clean one large piece of furniture, such as a sofa.

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