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Not much to a small table like this,  you can see the entire table stacked up on the saw prior to assembly in the above right photo. A ginger jar lamp in black and gold is substantial and the perfect proportion for this collection.  A thick linen shade with wide pleats tops it with casual warmth.
Elegant orchids in a brown metal container, from American Made Silks floral, blends sophistication and rustic charm.  Add it to the cocktail table or sofa table for softness and a splash of color. Mosaic tile in the hexagon shape (hex tile) can make intricate patterns.  Here, in this antique pattern, the smaller hex tiles are combined to make a larger hexagonal pattern as well as a Greek key border. If you want to bring the hexagonal, or honeycomb, pattern into your home, visit your nearest Home Furniture location.  This, plus other great patterns, can be found in everything from rugs to pillows to accent tables and lampshades, updating your home in a classic way. If there is a battle between the sexes on how to accessorize the Pacific Grove upholstery group, pick items from both collections.  Visit your nearest Home Furniture store for more ideas and even greater selection of the perfect items for your home.
Here’s a video on how to decorate using damask patterns with a neutral living room group. You still have time to get this entire room setting with Home Furniture’s 6310 Fresco upholstery group with the T499 St.
Accent tables in fashion colors from Powell are great next to chairs or used for nightstands. Whether you choose the black mirrored jewelry armoire or the light cherry traditional one, the jewelry lover you give it to will love you.  Both have large drawers, side necklace hangers and flip-up mirrored top.

At Home Furniture “last minute shopping” doesn’t mean “get the ugly stuff on the showroom floor that is the only thing still available”.  It means that you can get brand-new furniture with full warranties, great selection and wonderful customer service (before and after the sale). The coordinating Carnival chaise is fun and flirty bringing out the plum accents in the pillows.  Adding a recliner table and floor lamp to the chaise, the grouping makes a great area for reading while still hanging out with the rest of the family.
If you like plush chaise seating, pillow top arm rests with convenient hidden storage space, cup holders and soothing massage, the Huron rocker recliner is for you.
A simple desk is great for checking email on your laptop, kids’ homework and use as a game table. So, after some deliberation, she who must be obeyed and I decided that a pair of end tables are next on the list.
Bottom stack is Walnut, with 2 pieces of Black Cherry, 1 piece of curly cherry, and one piece of quilted maple. Everything looked good, so I shortened the spindles (cut them way too long for some reason at first), re-rabbeted the ends, and fit them all to the rails.
Now it was time to cut the drawer front and the upper and lower drawer rails that surround the drawer front. Tomorrow, I will be mortising the forward legs to take the drawer guide rails, notching out the bottom of the legs to take the lower shelves, cutting the curves in the lower rails, and starting to build the drawer boxes. Whether it’s a rustic look, or a contemporary style or anything in between, check out these articles on decorating with end tables in your home!

Butter or margarine work fine, but to make it authentic, use rendered beef fat from the fatback of a brisket or use bacon fat.
The rich traditional fabric works well with many of our upholstery groups and would be a great addition to a leather group, providing color and texture.  At only $399.99 you can get two!
The large chaise can be used as seating for two.  Two pouf stools flanking the sofa table are great for family game night around the cocktail table (or eating a holiday snack if you allow that). Rather than making my own design or modifying an existing design, I'm going to be following the Woodsmith Mission End Tables from issue #127. I will be attempting to dovetail the drawer boxes by hand, which makes this the first project I will have done with dovetails.
I was hoping those pieces you chose for the drawer fronts would be wide enough to use the method you did for grain flow. Nothing major, but I'm going to be doing a full maple box, with the drawer fronts attached.

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