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With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can build this simple Garden Tool Box Caddy, as shown here. Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but. James WorrellAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowFor generations, tradesmen of all persuasions have been banging together simple wooden boxes for their gear.
Illustration by Thomas KlenckThe toolbox is designed to minimize fastening into endgrain - screws and nails grip much better when driven into the face or edge of a board.
Illustration by Thomas KlenckBuild the drawer before the toolbox bottom goes on - it's easier to fit the pieces when the cavity is accessible. Long and narrow for easy carrying, these toolboxes were little more than five boards and a heavy dowel handle.

Our version is inspired by these old designs, but we've added a drawer for small tools and hardware. Make the same number of uniform passes on each edge so an equal amount of material is removed from both sides. While you could make the drawer with butt joints, we opted for dadoes in the drawer front and rabbet joints elsewhere. Don't forget to duplicate the bevel on the edges, and mark the bit with its new size so you won't accidentally make an undersize hole on the next job.Quick TipIt's better to fit the drawer on the loose side, rather than too tight. In the end, your tools will have a new home, and you'll know where to find them when the next job comes along. If you have a table saw or a radial-arm saw, use a regular blade and make repetitive passes to reach the joint width.

Just make sure the plade is sharp and take care to follow your layout lines.SPECIAL LAYOUT TOOLSPlastic drafting triangles are handy tools in any shop. Then, apply two coats of tung oil.Step 2To make the ends, first cross cut 1 x 10 stock to about 20 in.

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