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How To Make A Play Kitchen From An Entertainment Center,Mission Style Curio Cabinet Plans,Make Hummingbird House Plans - PDF 2016

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In addition to saving money (brand new play kitchens start around $100, nice ones start at $200) making your own play kitchen allows you ultimate customization.
One of the other reasons we chose to make our own play kitchen was control over the materials. Before you start looking for an entertainment center, I would take a look at kitchens others have made.

As you can see, repurposing old furniture is one of the popular materials for making a DIY play kitchen. Common play kitchen materials like particle board, normal paint and plastic all off-gas and release small amounts of toxins into the air in your home. Check out how Kirby (and the rest of the family) helped make and complete this beautiful play kitchen.

Once you've constructed your handmade play kitchen, you can then ask relatives to buy toys and accessories for your little boy or girl's cooking area.

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