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Thought I would share with you some photos of my pizza oven built using your swishy oven plans (with a few mods). The concrete that covers the fire bricks in our oven is actually more than what was specked in your swishy oven design, more like a tonne of concrete!
I think you solved a problem many of us face in finding a decent thermometer for our brick ovens. I kind of just moved bricks around and sat them in place and then worked out what I was going to do next to make it work. The most inexpensive and versatile thermometer that I use to check various parts of the oven (I am a gadget man too!) is a Dick Smith hand held infra-red thermometer which gives me celsius and farenheit readings with a little red dot laser for aiming.
You don’t need guages really, once you get used to your own oven you will know without even measuring.
I thought about starting my very own wood fired pizza oven blog too but I’m just too lazy at home so, I guess I am going to just have to enjoy the perfect cooking and baking in my oven and keep checking yours sight out. Just a reminder on my oven I installed it 1 inch deep into the brick from the inside so the hot face is not in direct contact.
To link to Brick oven with temperature gauge article, copy & paste the following code into your website. When I began having thoughts about building and cooking in my own wood burning traditional pizza oven, one of the first questions I had regarding cooking strategies was how will I know the best time to start to put my pots, pizzas, sausages on the hot oven floor. I knew that first I would set a moderate fire inside the oven's dome using some dry wood or tree branches and so on (but not with paint on them) laying on the old newspaper which I then ignite. Aah, but how do you know it exactly, my oven can be larger or smaller, it can have thin walls or my walls are of a great thickness for much better heat absorption so it cooks for me for a long time.

Now, if the flour stays white or just slightly-trifles to yellow, the oven is not really ready yet. Although cooking in wood ovens is much more simple and a lot easier than in conventional ovens and stoves, if you forget about having your favorite cakes inside you know what happens, mixing dough again. Now you know that controlling temperature in the brick wood oven is very easy and everyone can do it.
To link to this how hot is wood fired oven page from your website, only cut and paste the following code into your web page. I added the timber door with magnets for wood storage and tiled the top bench with dark tiles to avoid sun glare when looking into oven. We have had some great pizzas, bread and roasts out of the oven and I have really enjoyed the whole process of building the oven.
A bit like the old bakers used to throw the flour in and see how long it took to brown to measure the temperature.
However as you can see on this site anyone can build a quality oven, and make it unique to the place.
After about an hour or one and half, keeping the fire burning slowly, take a small amount of flour and throw it onto the oven's floor somewhere between the fire and the oven's inside wall or on an available space. Pizza would taste soggy rather than how they should look when done in traditional wood burning brick oven - and taste boiled too. I also extended it a bit out the front where the pizza goes in as I used pool pavers which are a bit longer than the ones Rado uses in his plans.
The guages, apart from looking good, just give you another point of reference and another way to monitor how your oven performs in different conditions of heat soak.

When used with one or more thermometers at different depths in the masonry and sometimes positions it is possible to gauge how much baking time, how much energy is stored in your heat bank. When your oven is appropriately hot, the flour will turn to a golden color and then it will start to darken, but not too fast.
It makes great pizza but that is just the start, the roasts, curries & breads that come out of the oven make it such a great asset. This is the best temperature inside of the oven, when it's like this you do not have to wait a long time to finish individual meals e.g. By Joe in Connecticut USA Wood fired family oven and chimney project by Robert in Austria My oven with fireplace, cook food and heat water, by Joel in Philippines Baking sourdough breads in quantity in Canada Pizza oven and hut built by Tony in Philippines Pompeii brick pizza oven. Search images for a Scotch oven, generally 1880 vintage and weighing in at 75 ton of bricks then scale it down to about 20 ton use old construction techniques and add modern insulation over the top. Fetching me to make a point many people set the fire hours before the time when their friends are coming for a dinner while keeping fire in the oven on low. This way your oven gets hot very evenly, ovens walls absorb (suck up) lots of energy and hold the heat longer.

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