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Spruce up your deck with a clever DIY patio table that also keeps drinks cool and within arms reach. Alternatively, you can hack a picnic table with a gutter to hold the drinks, but this is a more attractive solution. The good news is that table will never blow away, even if we accidentally leave the umbrella open.
PATIO DETAILS:  We used Cedar Tone Weather Shield Pressure-treated wood for the table and benches from Home Depot.
I am trying to get the plans for the patio table with built in ice boxes but I don’t know were to go. Almost everyone has seen this picture of the wine cooler patio table ether on Pinterest or Reddit. The first thing I did after having the initial concept sketched out in SoildWorks was go out and find the perfect cooler insert. Going back to the drawing board, I played around with the design to incorporate the two planter boxes. After making sure the pb box assemblies are completely center with the holes in table top, wood glue the table skirts and attach them to the table top via the pocket holes.
Next pull up the pb box assemblies, added wood glue on the areas that make contact with the table top and placed them back down making sure the holes are still lined up.
Using a sponge brush apply Benite wood conditioner to all the surfaces of the table, top and bottom. Really coat everything! Now it is time to sit back and relax, with a glass of wine (or beer) and enjoy the rest of the summer!
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Im also in Calgary and my husband and i are wanting to build this but are very intimidated by it! However all planter boxes do come with plug and plug covers that are usually attached with a band of plastic so you could conceivably reach underneath and pop the covers off when the evening is over, but you would have to make sure that the wooden slats underneath the planter boxes are not in the way of doing that.

Thanks for the great table design, I’m busy building the table, but using your cut list, and not checking properly before submitting, got me into having to have some pieces re-cut. I love this design and im going to start building one, and thanks for the detailed instructions. I have the same question Jay and after building this table I am considering some type of L brackets to help with this issue. Love this idea, I have an old but well built picnic table that I have been wanting to pitch. Using a pencil, mark off points where the side and middle boards make contact with the long board (two spots at each junction were pocket holes will be made).
We need to attach two of the cross beam boards to the box assemblies before assembling the table skirt.
To attach the cross beams to the table skirt drill two counter bored holes at each junction. The outer long skirt is just for on the long side of the table, it will cover all the holes made to attach the skirt to the cross beams.
If I remember right they told us we would need to cover this table or bring it in for the winter.
I think I am going to give this table a shot (with a more experience friend) but, I have one question. I too am a Solidworks and Inventor user with so many ideas from this one for around the house. And you would have to not mind that it drained out under the table – could work if the table is on a deck. Ive been wanting to build an outdoor table for a while and I knew if I showed my husband this photo he would totally agree. Now you can surprise your friends when come for a beer or a wine with this innovative idea.
This was much simpler and now we have the option of replacing the boxes if for some reason they break during the years of future use without having to do construction on the table.  The planter boxes also have a nice rim on the outside for the lids to sit on, another added bonus.

The purple arrow is pointing out one of the screws attaching the outer skirt with the normal skirt. After applying it to all the surfaces wipe what little excess is left on the top with a rag.
You have to dig down on the inside of the table to grab a edge to pull it out and with water and ice in it, it is very heavy.
You could get a little fancier and attach some type of flexible rubber tubing to the planter box drains right from the get go and then just have them on hidden hooks up underneath the table at the same level as the boxes while in use so they don’t drain and then before going to bed put the tubing down to drain – could even make it long enough that you actually reuse the water to water actual planters with flowers along the deck edge! If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.
After the wood filler is dry the last step for the main table in to sand down every imperfect surface to prep for the finish. We used a test piece beforehand to figure out how long we wanted to stain on to get the color we wanted.
The stores are in different states than my own so Daly can hit you with a huge shipping and handling. Handy Husband volunteered to build us a table and benches and I have to say it turned out quite nice.
The one nice thing about it is that we don’t have to take the table in or cover it during the Seattle winter.
To put the boards in the slot you just have to pull out the galvanized buckets then put the boards in for a full table.

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