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And of course, the diagrams and cut list follow if you are needing to organize some closet space on a budget! NOTES: If closet has a baseboard, use a jigsaw to cut notch out of back of closet system for baseboard. We are getting ready to move and will have to start from square one with everything, including closets.

But if I can suggest- when you're drilling those holes for the pegs on the inside of the closet with the pegboard as your guide please use a stop block- a small piece of wood with a hole for the drill bit, exactly the right height to stop the drill from going too deep into the wood. My walk-in master closet needs a refresh -- this would be perfect, but I would need to modify for the corners. The clothes sits flush in the closet with 16".One thing to consider, if you did go 24" deep, you could put doors on the closet too, inset like the drawers.

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