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Thanks to Grass Valley's Troop 4 for the construction photos, and be sure to look for their stoves at the next Klondike Derby! We offer top quality, hand selected, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, stoves, stove pipe and more to heat your life up. These TItanium wood stoves offer a tremendous value in ultra lightweight, packable wood stoves.

Wood camp stove, wood camp stoves, wilderness wood camp stoves, and yukon wood camp stoves at below retail. Stove Accessories There are a lot of details that go into building an attractive wood stove, and we know that getting exactly what you need can be a lot of work.
Lightweight Collapsible TItanium wood stove The stove performed flawless with temperatures only down to 38 degrees for the low at night, I could control the extra Manufacturers have successfully blended form and function when designing their wood stoves.

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