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Besides taking for granted how simply water normally arrives into our homes, sometimes we also fail to consider how easily we can discharge wastewater. The book further advises that a box of topsoil or lime can be left in the outhouse to sprinkle on top of the excreta to control flies.
We also have posted on our blog more drawings of the outhouse assembly, with detailed lists of parts needed to build a one-seater.
Since this book is 104 years old, needless to say that, since then, we have learned a great deal about how to safely handle humanure. One of the very first and most important buildings needed on a remote homestead is a privy, which isn't as complicated to construct and maintain as you might have imagined.
Looking through one of my favorite old books recently, I was reminded of how easy most of us have it today.
Unlike the open-pit outhouses I remember as a child, these plans call for a bucket under each seat, which should be deep enough so the user is not splashed. However, as a rule, people are almost always messy and fail to cover the excreta completely.

Both the surface privy and the pit outhouse are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. This might be useful when siting an outhouse -- after digging the hole, perhaps you could dump water into it and time how long it takes to drain. I'm curious about how many uses you get out of a given location before you have to find a new site.
Also, for those with “more elegant taste," an elaborate, and more costly, structure can be built with a peaked roof instead of the standard single slant.
As long as you follow some general rules for building an outhouse, you can hardly go wrong modifying either type to suit your own particular materials, skill, or location.A properly managed privy is at least as healthful for people and land as a septic system and is far more than a place to evacuate waste. I don't know what the rate should be, but since percolation varies from location to location, this might help you find a good location for your outhouse. For that matter, no one will disqualify you for using commercial toilet paper in an outhouse.
If every use of an outhouse is topped by a cupful of them, the building will always have sweet earth smell with never an odor.

There is an eighteen-inch space between the ground and the first board on the back of the building from which we rake the accumulated waste with a strong, old garb rake saved especially for the job.
Corrugated metal roofing may be used on top of the outhouse, or the structure may be topped with roll roofing.You may prefer to build in adjustable ventilation such as screens-with-covers, leave an unadjustable 4" vent space across the front and back of the privy, or in the case of the less fragrant (with the regular addition of wood ashes) surface privy, cut only a small, traditional, new moon or star in the door. Screens-with-covers are the best all-round approach.The outbuilding should be framed in with 2 x 4's and a vent built for the pit.
As long as you strictly follow the general rules you should be OK.General Rules for Building Outhouses(1) A privy should always be located so that it will not pollute any domestic water supply.
Pit Privy mosquitoes can be controlled by pouring a cup of kerosene into the cavity every ten days or so.(4) Both the excavation and building of pit-type outhouse must be properly vented to prevent odors.

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