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To make the cap, cut decking boards with 45-degree miters and assemble them with L-shape strap ties.
For each bench, measure between two planters and construct a 2x4 frame with crosspieces every 2 feet or so. To build each side, clamp the pieces and attach a 2x6 brace, which also acts as a cleat to hold the bottom pieces (Step 2).

Cut seat slats from decking lumber and fasten them to the frame with screws or nails driven into the seat joists. The type shown here combines the features of both: an attractive planter box that holds a large plastic tub with holes in the bottom for drainage. Set the liner in the box and then fasten the cap using 2-inch deck screws sunk into the top trim piece.

Space the seat slats as you would for decking and allow them to overhang the frame by 1 or 2 inches.

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