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This classic mantel features an arched frieze and can be built using basic carpentry skills. You have many options when it comes to fireplace design, like fuel types, locations, firebox liners, ventilation systems and masonry treatments.
Some stone masons prefer to have the mantel in place before setting any surround materials while others would like to set the masonry first and then have the mantel built around it or installed over it. No matter the design or sequence of the mantel install, it must be built and installed with strength in mind. If there is no wallboard up, you have an opportunity to add some framing to help anchor the mantel.
Besides being sturdy, the mantel shelf itself must be deep enough to accommodate the items you wish to display there.
The mantel design for this particular project is built around a zero-clearance firebox with a stone surround, but it will work as well with any number of surround treatments like brick or tile. Building the collar involves little more than finding out the dimensions of each section, and then cutting the parts.  Lay them all out on a very flat surface (old doors work great for this), then join all the pieces with glue and biscuit joints. If you’re building your mantel with no center panel, then you can omit this extension.
The collar, though a small part of the design, draws the eye to it when looking at the finished fireplace surround.  So take your time installing the panel molding on the collar, and make sure it looks really nice. All of the contact surfaces on the bottom of the capital and the nailer get a smearing of Liquid Nails and  a few 23 gauge pin nails.
This is the point I wanted to get to, where the collar and only one capital are installed, because I’m going to make the frieze and butt it up against that left capital and then install the right capital. We can work with you on the design layout for an upgrade to a gas insert, placing an new flat screen tv with an over mantel or installing a new electric fireplace see below for more.
To measure an existing fireplace we need to have to surrounding tile work and hearth completed.
We will set up a time that is convenient for you to measure the existing fireplace, tile surround and hearth. You can provide us with either a picture of the style you would like or choose one from our designs and we'll give you the estimate while on site. For paint grade mantels we prepare and prime it for the final color then install it for you.

The only time we ask for a down payment is if the mantel is stain grade and you prefer to use our finisher. Over mantels like the one on the left, that we designed for a Craftsman Bed & Breakfast in Sonoma can be an excellent way to add style, warmth and functionality. Provide us with a picture or mix and match from the ones we show you here or our mantel website.
On the left is what is thought to be the earliest known mantel from the early Norman times.
Here in America into the 1800's a fireplace was purely practical and the mantel was just the beam or lintel over the opening. The arts and crafts movement and craftsman period shows a marked improvement in mantel design. Whether ancient Greeks were unconsciously influenced by the presence of the Golden Ratio in their natural surroundings first and were led to develop toward that proportion, or whether they discovered its beauty first and then chose to model after it we will never know. Euclid (325–265 BC), in his Elements, gave the first recorded definition of the golden ratio and the ten scrolls of Vitruvius' De architectura 22 B.C. Also known as PHI named after the sculptor Phidias (490–430 BC) who sculpted the Parthenon statues that seem to embody the golden ratio and some studies of the Acropolis conclude that it appears in several constructions and layouts of the Parthenon. You can find the Golden Ratio in all corners of ancient architecture, literature, artwork and through out nature. Not all mantels can be designed to use the golden ratio but I personally find it a perfect place to start. A lot of the homes here in the North Bay have the unfinished brick surrounds that only have a soldier course for a cap. Many update the look by tiling or putting a slab of granite over the old brick facade and hearth and have us cap it with an achitecural element.
Combustible fireplace mantel materials like wood need to be held back from the firebox opening to minimize the possibility of catching fire.
Local codes take precedence over any national code but here in the North Bay we adhere to the new UBC the IRC and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) so we are well protected if we follow the rules.
While mantels are decorative in themselves, they also function as a display shelf for the most precious of family heirlooms, so we have to make sure they are sturdy and well anchored to the house. This is because the corbels and crown moldings, which support the mantel shelf, extend to the sides proportionally to the depth.

The homeowner wanted a substantial sized crown molding, so we got the look by building up (or layering) two different moldings. They are designed to your specifications, architectural style preference and proportioned for your fireplace and it's surround materials. This was a blank wall where we placed an electric insert and used it to frame out the flat screen. We make them locally in our shop, and we will measure it to fit then build it properly proportioned to your design each mantel is a one of a kind piece made specially for you. We can finish those for you with a custom mantel shelf with some character so your fireplace will again be a focal point.
You know if you own one that wood burning masonry fireplaces (4114) can throw hot embers even through the screen. If you are building a mantel on a new fireplace install, check with any other trades for the order in which to do the job. To see even more of our mantel selections so you can mix and match them to your own style visit our mantel website King of Crown. The TV components were placed in the garage on radio wave and our electrician checked the circuit load for code compliance before placing the insert. For paint grade mantels you don't even pay until you are 100% satifisfied and it is installed by us at your home. Sealed gas inserts and wood burning zero clearance contained units (2806) will have their own safe fire clearances in the instruction pamphlet.
Some mantels extend all the way to the ceiling and include alcoves for displaying art or housing video screens.
Mantels can be as rustic as a log set in river rock or as refined as the most elegant piece of furniture.

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