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How To Build A Catamaran Out Of Pvc,Woodworking Plans Childrens Rocking Chair,Blue Wood Dye - PDF 2016

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Catamarans are not for everybody - they sail quite fast and require some physical fitness. Eight years of development have gone into the DVD on how to make a catamaran sailboat from PVC pipe, and it's now available. It is the only one in the world, because I am the only one who has designed a complete sailing catamaran around PVC pipe pontoons.

Buying PVC Pipe - That's right, I even show you how to buy and cut your pipe, right there in the company's yard! Support Spacers - Two or three supports that hold your pontoons in the right place for building the rest of the boat. Foam Disc Bulkheads - These things are what turn your PVC pipe into rigid and safe pontoons, by creating many bulkheads inside.

This chapter shows you how I made the cones for the rear of the pontoons, and they perform like magic, leaving no wake at all behind the cat.

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