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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. You can also bleach the wood if you don't want to hide any of the texture at all, but it won't be as stark white as semi-opaque stain. Furlong Aspect White Stained Oak Brushed & UV Osmo Oiled Wood Flooring 20mm 1 strip plank - Special offer buy now online.
Me and my husband like the old warn out look but we would like the wood grain to show to and we just can not get the right look. I have had help from a paint store and trying to help me with showing me on a board that is the same wood as my cabinets.

Ready to buy a white stain wood 12″ combo producing one flat face and one intended to foreground around collectibles. I think it would look nice if I could paint the wood white, but still allow the texture to show through. If you are going to DIY it is better to practice a few techniques before committing and getting all bummed out because it didn't turn out how you wanted it to. This is a great look that would allow the natural wood grain to show through, but lighten up the look a bit. Yes I have tried the white wash pickling stain on some of my wood but to me it was chalky looking.

I have completely striped off all paint to bare wood and I can not find a finish that I really like. I already feel like their is a rustic element because of the wood and it’s a basement, so the more light and bright the better.

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