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A solvent that will remove any remaining paint and remove any residue from the stripping process. When you are ready to get started, put on your chemical splash goggles and solvent-resistant gloves. With the right stain stripper, a few hours and a little guidance from our pros, you can restore wood back to its original unfinished state and turn your smoky-brown bench into a blonde beauty.
If you are working with a piece of furniture or other object that has removable hardware, such as handles or other ornaments, remove these first and set them aside. If the piece you are working on has a lot of intricate detail, such as sculpted carvings, make sure to use the tips of your brush to work the stripper into the recesses of the wood. When the stain remover is ready, it is time to remove it with one of two methods - water rinse or scraping away. It's important to choose a wood stain remover or wood stripper product that is compatible with your woodwork. Always test the stain remover product on a small area of the woodwork to make sure that it isn't too harsh.
Learning as much as possible about how to remove wood stain from wood can help you pick the best technique for your project. Work in a well ventilated area because many wood stain removers contain strong chemicals that can cause respiratory problems with overexposure. Some basic wood stain and paint removers work better when covered with aluminum foil after application.
Avoid using power sanders, ammonia, heat or lye to remove wood stain unless you are experienced with removing wood finishes with these methods.

Laura and I enjoy entertaining guests and even if you set coasters and napkins out, drinks will end up being left on wood furniture. Unfortunately it has been marred by many wet drinks and before we invest in having it re-finished we searched online for other alternatives to remove the water stain circles. The water stains in this table have been there for at least 9 months so we thought it unlikely that there was any moisture to extract at all from from the table. In our opinion all 3 of these techniques work but the standout to us was the toothpaste technique. I just tried the toothpaste method on a stain the size of a large lemon, not just a circle, but the whole thing was white. Learn some effective techniques to remove a wood stain product from wood without hurting woodwork.
It may be because you want to try to uncover the original wood or perhaps replace it with a new type of stain. Allow liquid to evaporate and residue to dry outdoors then dispose of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.
This can sometimes be difficult to do without ruining the wood, but there are gentle methods that can keep wood in good condition.
With a low-grit abrasive pad or plastic stripping tool, gently remove stripper, which will be combined with old finish. If you truly prefer using a sander for removing stain, get an expert to do it to prevent damaging the wood. The nonrinsable formulas usually contain paraffin, wax or methylene chloride and are removed with scraping methods.

The paint will start to bubble up and swell, and this will show that the finish is separating itself from the surface. A water-based formulation can be removed by rinsing with water and using steel wool followed by drying the woodwork thoroughly with a towel. I figured we should finally get to work on removing the water stains on our dining room table. As we gently rubbed the toothpaste along the line of the stain we saw it immediately disappear or lighten. Many stain and paint remover products sit on wood for up to 40 minutes but time varies, depending on the product. Apply mineral spirits to a paraffin or wax-based stain remover prior to scrubbing the surface with rags unless the manufacturer instructions say otherwise.
It’s not an antique but we treasure where it came from as well as how it functions and looks.
As we wiped the mayonnaise off the water stain was definitely less noticeable and we didn’t do any scrubbing as we had done with the toothpaste. Some people recommend letting it sit for awhile but because this works via abrasion and not water extraction we went to work on the stain after only a couple minutes. In fact scrubbing to long and outside the area of the stain could cause an even larger mark as it wears away the finish and top layer of wood.

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