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Maximize every inch of space with unique and creative shelving tips, and increase storage and enhance your entire design scheme.
We randomly chose one person from the comments, and han2col is the winner of a Pottery Barn pet treat ceramic jar and this month’s issue of HGTV Magazine.
My sister’s beach house had a tiny closet filled with shelves in the main living room. We wanted to create as large of a built-in as possible so we first removed the door, molding and paneling above the closet then my dad used a jigsaw to cut away the few inches of paneling on either side of the door opening to fully open up the space. Next, we headed to the hardware store to find a stock kitchen cabinet to fit our opening and lumber to use as shelves and as a top for the base cabinet.
After the paint had dried, my sister and I set to work filling the shelves with our budget beachy finds.

We randomly chose one person from the comments, and Christine is the winner of an HGTV notebook. My favorite part is that it acts as storage and wall art wrapped up in one custom-made furniture piece.
Designer Sherry Dolgin placed bright cherry red shelves in a chevron pattern to create a cool effect in this kid’s bedroom. Just look at these wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture. However, I’m more the type in search of the Holy Grail of shelf arrangement, so once I have a shelving strategy and display theme I’m happy with, it’s likely to stay that way to the end of time.

A pullout shelf is a shelving unit that pulls out of a cabinet, rather than being permanently mounted to the cabinet walls.
But I will eagerly flip through others’ perfectly arranged shelves and dream of one day having just the right bookends that will pull the entire shelf — no, the entire room — together.

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